NOTE: The password for the protected “Benchmark Lists” page is the second word of the quote on page iii of the book.

Welcome to Yellowstone Benchmarks, home of the new book, Benchmark Hunting in Yellowstone National Park.

This book provides a detailed list of 300 benchmarks in Yellowstone National Park, and guides the benchmark hunter through the park in search of these interesting, often hidden little markers.

Contained within the book is a concise history behind the markers, how they relate to the development of the park’s road system, and how they have been used to study the volcanic and seismic processes that make the park what it is. Detailed information on appropriate safety and ethical protocols is included, as is a list of accessible benchmarks for those who are mobility-impaired, and a list of “family-friendly” markers for families with smaller children.

You can preview the Table of Contents (PDF) and a Sample Benchmark List for the North Entrance Road (PDF) to see if my new book is something you might be interested in buying. If you’d like your own copy, you can buy it via the Amazon or Barnes & Noble websites, or if you’d like an autographed copy, contact me directly for ordering information.

To assist you in locating the benchmarks, I’ve created a special section with photographs (both close-up and contextual) of almost all of the markers listed in the book. If you’re unable to find a particular marker using the information in the book, you can use these photos to help you better identify the location of the markers. Access to this section of the website is restricted to those who’ve purchased the book. See the note in red at the top of this page for information on how to find the right password.

Get your copy today, and enjoy hunting for these little hidden treasures on your next vacation to Yellowstone National Park.

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